How To Unlock Island Creator And Campsite In Animal Crossing

Here introduce the unlocking method of creating islands and campsites in Animal Crossing New Horizons

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How can playersunlock creating islands and their campsites in Animal Crossing? Island creator is a very interesting mode in the game. The campsite is one of the important buildings in the game. Small animals can be invited to the island. Today, I'll introduce the unlocking method of creating islands and campsites in Animal Crossing New Horizons. If you haven't unlocked, come and have a look.

An introduction to the unlocking methods of Island Creators

The island creators in the game need to unlock after KK's concert. After unlocking 10 small animals, the environment score reaches more than 3, and KK will come to the village to sing. At the same time, the game process is over. There will be a staff table, after the end of the song to get the theme song of the game. Then you can get a new mobile app from Tom nook: Island creator. Island creators have three functions, which are to start road construction by default. At the same time, there will be several road patterns and user-defined pattern options that can be exchanged by nook. After unlock island creators, you can learn eight steps to build mines in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Introduction to the construction method of animalcrossingcampsite

To build a campsite, we need to consult with kk, and we also need to have certain preconditions. That is, players need to upgrade the service office first, and then chat with kk. On the way, they will ask the players what they want to do. At this time, I choose to invite KK to sing, so that I can start to build the camp. With the materials and acnh bells in place, you can start building. When it's done, Isabelle will remind the player that the campsite has been activated.

After the campsite is built, there will be a small animal on the island. Small animals will take the initiative to leave players on the island, and players can not refuse. After that, players can increase the upper limit of islanders by buying land, and then go to the campsite to invite new animals.