I never had a day without runescape for 3 decades, I performed from 5 to 18 hours a day.

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It occurred to me after my freshman year... I was 15, I used to be a happy boy through my freshman year, played football basketball and tennis... Until I was introduced toRS gold the game with a very bad picture, called Runescape, at first I didnt really care for the match and just played it to pass the time. As time went on, I found myself playing even more and more everyday. My Sophomore and Junior year, my entire life was like that. 1. Wake up and go to school. 2.You spent off your day with us and that is so epic. I look forward to us being friends for many years to come, and look forward to my next trip. Do not forget to send me these songs! Also there are a couple of things we heard from Jagex that we believe you players ought to know in order to assist you and Jagex.

1 - If you're hacking reports, posting imitation RS3 websites with the goal of stealing passwords, or at other manners breaking the DMCA laws - they will prosecute. Keep your match playing clean.

2 - When somebody is calling you a noob or basically being annoying but not blatantly offensive - just ignore them, that's what that function is for. Most of the accounts for which will not result in black marks anyway and ignoring them will make sure you don't every need to manage this person annoying you lol.

If anybody has any questions about our amazing visit, don't hesitate tocheap OSRS gold ask. We might not know the answer, and we will not say anything which will violate the Non Disclosure Agreement, but we will be happy to answer anything we can. We'll attempt to get a get together on Vent shortly if anybody is interested. I have had an opportunity to speak with a few of the other players that were there. Gertjaars and Lucipher6 have given me permission to add their titles in this topic. They're fantastic guys and I am glad we got a chance to get to know them!

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