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Redbeard Frank is willing to hook you up. He will inform you that you have to arrange a date for him with Emily at the Rising Sun Tavern. Emily is found crying in the Tavern. When you ask her about what's wrong, she tells you that OSRS gold she will have to shut down the restaurant because she isn't getting enough business. She says she needs 5,000 GP to stay open. You can ask her to give her five dollars if she's willing to meet with Redbeard, and she says yes. Redbeard Frank will contact her and she will pay the 5k. Then, he will give the hook.

It is possible to have a pet skill. I sat and watched my friend playing world of warcraft on his other computer. He was riding on a sort of elephant, or I donu. I thought that runescape should have a pet skill. While I'm not trying to be a shrewd person, i know how much it costs to upgrade runescape. It's not like some novices giving random suggestions that will cost you hundreds of dollars.

Mission 5 - Takeout. Sir Tiffy got an authentic tip on the thief who stole expensive Karamjan mahogany. Sir Tiffy will take you to the ship, and you'll be required to capture the culprit. Look through the shelves to find some wire. Search the tool pile for a hammer and some nails made of bronze. They, along with an empty container can be used to build an electronic tripwire trap. To complete the task you have to wait at a complete halt, for two minutes. The thief will get caught, mission complete.

When you complete three of them, the mini-quest is complete. I'll work on the Buy RS gold quest shortly. The requirements are here. Coup De Slug. Kennith's concerns, Rum Deal. 46 Slayer, 51 Agility 31 Herblore, 49 Fishing, 56 firemaking.

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