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Blast! Zachman3334, we do not have RuneScape gold a lot of time. The construction will surely be lit completely in a couple of minutes....Aah! A skeleton warrior called"Hreidmar's minion" will look. STC will draw a sword, and endeavor to fight it, but it is going to knock out STC, and strike you, (level 60 slayer required). It's level 90, and uses only melee. Once it's defeated, STC will wake up since the roof is going to be lit completely on fire. You will grab his hand, and he'll break a tab, and you are going to end up back together with Veldaban. Now the Red Axe will not have the capacity to attack Keldagrim anytime soon. However...I must provide you and Sir Tiffy a few. . .horrible news. What? The Temple Knights have just informed us that Sir Amik Varze was kidnaped by assassins by H.A.M, and handed over to Arposandra. They are holding him a captive, and will just return him when we reunite their Lord, who isn't talking.

Sir Amik Varze?! However, who will rule over Asgarnia now? What shall we do until we get their Lord to speak? We will stall. They will not kill Varze, since then they will not have a motive for people to give them their Lord back. Varze is powerful, and he will not give them information, but that may be the case with our prisoner. We might have to employ the use of a Truth Serum. You've done excellent work, Keldagrim and Falador are safe for now. We will call for you when we need you , Zachman3334.

Teleport into Falador, and talk to Sir Tiffy Cashien: Sir Tiffy Cashien: This was a Old school runescape gold dangerous mission, Zachman3334, that deserves great commemoration. You are now likely to join the couple who are deserving of the Acolyte rank.

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